Clinical Pilates combines physiotherapy exercise prescription and mat Pilates techniques, incorporating research carried out by rehabilitation professionals and the core stability principles of Pilates with the current research on injury and rehabilitation. Classes are led by our physiotherapist Miranda, who has extensive training and years of experience incorporating Pilates into her physiotherapy sessions with patients, leading private and group classes in her prior work experience, as well as being a dedicated Pilates goer herself.

Benefits of Clinical Pilates

  • Improve posture

  • Develop deep abdominal strength

  • Reduce neck and back pain

  • Reduce risk of injury

  • Increase flexibility


  • Group classes (max 4) mat Pilates : 45 mins

  • Equipment: Sessions will utilize traditional Pilates equipment including magic circles, Pilates balls, resistance bands, light weights, foam rollers and spiky balls. 

  • Price: $50/class

  • Health fund rebates available onsite

  • Times: Tuesday 7:30-8:15AM & Thursday 10:15-11:00AM & 11:00-11:45AM

  • Location: Classes run out of our Dudley Street clinic 

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For an individual physiotherapy consultation or Clinical Pilates class, please call 9664 9972 or book online. For Clinical Pilates classes, select the Dudley Street clinic.